Paris Partners for 2023

Why are we moving to Paris?

3 Ps for Paris

We are going for the People of Paris.  To build a Pipeline to Paris.  To grow a team of Partners for Paris.

We are going for the People of Paris.  Metro Paris is a city of 12 million people.  There are few gospel preaching churches in the city.  In Paris, you will find French nationals, yes, but also the internationals – expats, students, immigrants, artists- all those seeking life and meaning in the city of light.   By planting and partnering with existing churches in Paris, we go to connect people from all walks of life to real community and significance in the gospel.

We are going to build a Pipeline to Paris.  We want to to help bring people, teams, and churches to Paris to see and experience both international church ministry and the challenges a city such as Paris presents.  One of our goals is to be a base for those interested in the Church in global cities, church planting in France and Europe, and those who are drawn to Paris.  We will be intentional to help others go.  We would love for you to email us if your church, school, or organization is interested in being part of a pipeline to Paris.

We are going to grow a team of Partners for Paris.  For us, our 2020 departure was delayed.   When the 2020 began, no one could envision how 2020 would end or all it would entail.  The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world and our initial plans, but we finally arrived in August 2021.  We are committed long term – to stay at least 10 years from 2021.

It’s no small goal or task.  However, no missionary effort ever is.  James Hudson Taylor died in 1905, fifty years after having first set foot in Shanghai.  He had a deep love for the people he served.  He said:  “I have found that there are 3 stages in every great work of God: first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”  

We aren’t simply going to plant one church, but to grow a family of international churches across the city, a family network that will multiply in generations to come.

We invite you to join us and  to consider being one of our Paris Partners.  You can commit with  a monthly donation of $84, a yearly donation of $1000, or a recurring gift of your capacity.  You can give beyond $1000 to this vision, to the degree you believe in it, and in us.   We ask that you help us by being champions for us.

Paris is known and loved by many for its beauty, culture, and history.  We want to go deeper to show – even in one of the world’s great cities – the need for the gospel’s true light is needed in the city of light.

Become a Paris Partner HERE.