Favorites April 2023: Half Marathon, Paris excursions & more

Paris South Half-Marathon 🌟 EIC Paris Men 🌟 Beautiful spring day in Paris

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When you make a trek to Paris for speech therapy, it’s worth it when she is lovely! Video in our stories🌟 Enjoy your weekend!

The Bible Project ❤️Took a chance to teach biblical theology to kids under 10 and they were hooked! Amazing how kids can absorb when the content is well presented.

Photo: Spider-Man with his Sunday School journal🌟


Thankful for this crew this past Tuesday night! 🌟Lots of new faces and friendships 🌟 Catch this week’s sermon @ EIC Rive Gauche or @ Spotify (EIC Rive Gauche Sermons) or SoundCloud (The Tates in Paris)


Spring day in Paris. Perfect city for an oldest child with an artistic sensibility.

🌟Youngest child along for the ride🌟


John Belushi – SNL – Little Chocolate Donuts. 🌟 Impressed always with his STAMINA. Half Marathon Paris South 🌟 May 1, 2023

(If you don’t know the reference, video here 👉 link).

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When you travel for a speech therapy appointment!

Favorites:  The Bible Project


Spring Day in Paris 2023


Thankful for New Faces:  Church Plant

Paris South Half Marathon 2023

Mission Accomplished – Paris South Half Marathon 2023


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