Become a Paris Partner

(Updated January 2024 for Fiscal Year 2024)

If you believe in the vision we have for Paris, we are looking for small monthly donors to come on board.  What do we mean by small donors?   $20/month or $25/month.   If you feel led to give $50, $84, or $100 a month, you are very welcome, but our current & greatest need are for smaller donors.  

What does the monthly donation go towards?  Our monthly salary for housing, transportation costs, school fees, and living in Paris.  Our yearly family budget is available to all Paris Partners upon request.

If you prefer to give a yearly donation, we have people who give $240 or $300 annually.  You are welcome to give $1000/annually and more.  We have many partners who prefer to give larger gifts annually.

When our smaller monthly donor base = our monthly salary, we will use bigger gifts for investments & long term projects in Paris like start up costs for other church planters, property investments and more.  Please know we are grateful for your generosity, whatever the dollar amount. 

Money is only leverage and capacity for the work God will do.  And He will do it.   Read more about the Vision of Paris Partners  here.

Become a Paris Partner

You can make a tax deductible donation by mail or online.


Donations can be sent by US mail to Global Grace Fellowship, c/o Missionwell Service Center, 222 E. Glenarm Street, Suite B2, Pasadena, CA 91106.  Checks are to be made payable to “Global Grace Fellowship” with “John Hugh & Linda Tate” written on the memo line.



Online donations can be made on the secure website below.   Once on the giving page, type “John Hugh and Linda Tate” under “Enter Name of Missionary or Staff”.   Fill out your billing option:  credit card/debit card or bank account transfer/ACH.

With a credit card/debit card, there is a 3% fee per transaction + $1.00 monthly fee.   You are welcome to save us bank fees from credit card transactions by signing up for $22/month, $27/month or $88/month or a one time donation of $1,031.00, $2,060.00, or $5,150.00 with your credit card.

With bank account transfers/ACH, there is a $1.00 charge per donation.  You are welcome to make a recurring donation of $85.00/mo, $1001.00/year, $2001.00/year or a one time donation of $1001.00, $2001.00, or $5001.00 with a bank transfer/ACH.

Thank you for your trust & we will be in touch with you!