Paris Partners for 2024

Why are We Living in Paris?

We hope all of you had a wonderful 2023 Christmas and Happy New Year for 2024.

As we look back on the year past and ahead on the year to come, we are grateful for all our partners.  It’s through your belief in us, and to what God is doing here, that we’ve been able to start a new church and sustain our family here in the Paris area.  Thank you.

We look forward to this work growing more in the new year.  We have begun this church plant, EIC Rive Gauche, and have been able to see its community grow more into a family.  At this season, we are thankful for Sunday worship each week, having groups meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Our Tuesday takes an apologetic approach with “Big Questions and Great Debates”, while our Thursday group is an ongoing Bible study.  We also have begun smaller fellowship groups to cultivate relationships and further community.

Our church is connecting with both international and nationals.  We have many students and young singles within the church, while growing with young families too.  There’s a breath of international diversity as the church reflects people from all over the world.  You can follow our church life by following @eicrivegauche on Instagram or Facebook.

The Vision for EIC Rive Gauche is to be

A Sending Church with a Heart for Paris, the World, the Other Person

(John 10:16).

We aim to be a Sending Church as so many people come to and through Paris, be it for a year, a semester, a summer, a few weeks, or a vacation.  We see this regularly.  However long they stay, we want to equip them and send them back to their homes to share what God is doing in Paris.  And we want to send out others ultimately to plant new churches.

We have a heart for Paris.  Our heart is for this city, beginning in the square and cafe where we meet.  We desire to grow out from there, to connect with others in our neighborhood, both other churches and mission opportunities.  We want to bless and help cultivate the city where we’ve been placed.

We have a heart for the World, as the World comes to Paris.  Again, this is represented even within our new church, as we have people here from:  India, the Philippines, Liberia, France, the United Kingdom, Holland, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore & the United States.  The nations do come and are in Paris.

We have a heart for the Other Person (John 10:16).  We are often asked, “What do you mean by the other person”?  That’s one reason why it’s in our Vision.  It provokes a question.  This is most important for us.  The John 10:16 verse is often called the missionary verse of John’s gospel.

John 10:16 states:  “But there are others, other sheep, not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice.  Then there will be one flock, with one Shepherd.”

It means, then and now, there are others, those who are overlooked, left out, or in the shadows.  As a church, we are called to go to them.  Jesus goes to them.  If we follow Him, we go to them too.

Thank you for helping cultivate and believe in this vision.  Many of you have believed in us through your friendship and care.  Our heart is for that other person, and our vision is always outward as we grow a church family with all God has placed in our lives.

Please continue to support us through your prayers, your presence – both calls, texts, and possible visits – and with your regular support.  We have monthly, annual and 1-time givers.  We are grateful for them all.  We always hope to grow our Paris Partners who are small, monthly givers (20/50/100/month) as we aim to have our monthly income match our monthly giving.  Now with the church beginning, we hope to use annual and 1-time gifts as funds for church ministry and future properties.

We are grateful for all who have contributed and believe in this ministry here in Paris.  We would love to see you!  Please consider visiting in 2024.

Most of all, thank you for the prayers.  Nothing happens without God, and if He desires it to happen, nothing on earth can stop it or Him.  If you think about us, pray for us.  And let us know how we can pray for you.

Love and blessings from France,

John Hugh & Linda

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