A New Starting Point: God’s Provision

July 2021

In 2021, we have seen God graciously provide in the middle of a pandemic.   Living through COVID-19 has taught us that seasons can change, timelines can change, but God’s mission does not.   After a year of waiting due to visa restrictions, we are finally moving to Paris in August 2021.  We will finally be “The Tates In Paris” who are actually on their way to Paris & living in Paris.

To depart on-time at the end of August and not miss school starting the first of Sept in France, we are praying for 3 things to fall into place:

1) our visa in hand
2) our house sold
3)  80% of our fundraising secure to leave for Paris!

If you are a Christian, please join us in praying for all 3 things!  We are seeing the truth of “God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, but you may only be aware of a few of them.”

We have a new starting point to live and plant a church in Paris.  We never expected COVID-19, but we also never expected for God’s provision to be so faithful.  For July 2021-July 2022, our budget for a family of 5 living in Paris is $80,000.

We are learning, in new ways, how to unconditionally trust God for all things that happen in our lives and that He is truly trustworthy.  God has been so gracious to:

1) provide enough fundraising from last July 2020 that we are starting at 27% in June 2021

2) provide a new housing option lowering our overall budget

We are thankful for all who have partnered with us this past year.   Your generosity has kept this vision alive.   Money is only leverage and capacity for the work God will do.  Our vision of 3Ps for Paris is the beginning of a solid foundation to go for the People of Paris and Build Pipelines to Paris.

Even with a transatlantic move, we will not stop finding fun ways for you to easily connect to our family adventures.  Our hope is to be in Paris for 5+ years, so we plan to have much to share, seek, and learn together.

 Read more about our vision 3 Ps for Paris HERE.  

If you feel led to become a Paris Partner, you can do so HERE.

A few details about our move on YouTube HERE.

Most of all, keep a connection with us via social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), via our YouTube channel, or by subscribing to our blog.


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